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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Four Score

This week's paper had four packets of coupons. Be sure you pull all four out before recycling or you'll be sad when sale day comes and you don't have the coupons listed!

2 Happy Shoppers:

Megan and Jon said...

I love it. I found all mine and felt like I had scored.

Another little tip we sometimes over look Walmart because we have moved on to Albertsens greener pastures. But occasionally they have something good that is cheap so I made the special trip..

Last week P&G had a coupon for Febreze noticables $5.00 coupon and at Wally Mart they are 5.97. Pretty good deal for those I LOVE THEM. Even for a special Autumn one.. YUMMY..

Hopefully see you in the morning.

Shauntell said...

Awesome Megan! thank you for helping and all the other Obsessive Shoppers out there out! I don't hink I will see you in the AM we don't plan on going out this week. I love being able to take a break! Best of luck to you!