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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Trick of the Trade #1

One of the things I teach at my classes is tricks of the trade with coupon usage. The first trick of the trade is:

You will typically save 10-15% when you buy in bulk at big warehouse stores. When you use coupons and combine them with sale prices at your grocery store you can expect to save 50-70% and even up to 100% at times!

I am not the only one who recommends buying things in bulk when they are on sale. I was excited to see in the Procter & Gamble booklet this past Sunday(found in the Sunday paper, once a month). They had tips from John & Kate Gosselin from TLC's John & Kate plus Eight (I love this show by the way) on how to save money. One of the tips was buy in bulk.

"If your family has must-haves, make sure you keep them in the house and buy them in bulk on sale to save."

I am not saying that Kate uses coupons to save, I have no idea. However I have found that when you can combine sale prices with coupons you save ton's more.

This is where the FREE Grocerysmarts website comes in. The website takes all the store ads and lists the sale items from each store while also listing a coupon if one is available so you get the best price possible (look for the 4-5 star items). Then you can make the decision on what your family uses and buy as much as you can while it is on sale. In one of my previous posts (you can view it here) I explained how I organize my coupons so I can find them using the code from Grocerysmarts. That information is helpful too when using Grocerysmarts.

Watch for 2 more tricks in upcoming posts.

4 Happy Shoppers:

Megan and Jon said...

Tell me you haven't seen the episode where Kate clips coupons. She is all over them. See smart people, smart people with glasses, CLIP coupons.

Shauntell said...

I haven't seen that episode! Awesome! I wonder if her other followers are the ones who bought all the Muir Glen Organic Tomatoes from Albertsons? hehehe Smart that is us, "Grocerysmart" that is!

Julie said...

Just found your site. Thank you so much for your tips!!! I've just started using coupons about two weeks ago, so I'm totally loving what you have to offer here. Do you happen to know if anyone knows the GrocerySmarts code for Oregon?

Thanks again! I'm hooked!

Shauntell said...


I am so glad you are hooked, it's a good thing to be hooked on! It is really fun isn't it. I am sorry to say that so far Grocerysmarts can only be accessed in Utah, Michegan and Nevada.