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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Sweet Savings

After last weeks Budget Buster I took a break and stayed below my weekly budget stocking up on one thing and getting just the things I needed*. Here are the details:


8-5 lbs C&H white sugar @ $1.65 each, 2-1 lbs Land-O-Lake butter @ $1.65 each, 2-1 lbs Kroger Cheese @ $3 each, 1 dozen eggs @ $1.25, 1-2.67 lbs Rump Roast $5.33, Quick Barley $1.69, Agave Nectar $3.59, 2.41 lbs Naval Oranges $1.66, 2 lbs Cameo Apples $2.58, 1.78 lbs Banana's $1.23, 2 Grandma Sycamore bread @ $1.67 each

Total Spent: $44.67
Total Saved: $38.18

*If you're new here you might wonder how I could possibly feed my family of five on only those items. You see, I have been building my pantry with all the things my family typically uses. I now have enough in storage that when I need something for a recipe I can just go and shop from my pantry. These items are just the things that I either needed this week, like the fruit, barley, and eggs, or the items I choose to buy to re-stock my pantry or freezer; sugar, bread, roast, cheese. If I can do it so can you!

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The Letterman's said...

I too love couponing and getting a great deal but get so upset when I go to buy things with the 1 set of coupons I have and the shelves are wiped clean. Any ideas for those of us that get left in the dust by others? Sometimes I just get so mad cause I'll do the homework spend the time getting my coupons ready go and everything is gone! ugh it makes it no fun!