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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Best Week Ever!

I wanted to post our Best Week Ever!! I probably need to add so far, as it has only been since March that I have been shopping using Grocery Smarts.

2 Home Erasers @ $1.19 each, 5 Clorox Wipes FREE, 6 409 cleaners @ $2 each, 3 Clorox bleach FREE, 7 Quaker Simple Harvest oatmeal's @ $.50 each, 20 Quaker Instant oatmeal's @ $.50 each, 3 Quaker Oatmeal To Go Bars @ $.95 each, 4 Purina Wholesome Medley dog food 7.5 lbs @ $3.99 each, 2 Clorox hard surface cleaners @ $1.25 each, 1 Cantaloupe $1.30, Green Beans $1.46

Total Spent $50.33

Total Saved $188.58

As you can see I am NOT the one who bought ALL the Electrasol before 6 am on Wednesday morning!

And NO we will not be eating oatmeal for every meal for the next year. That is what I love about this awesome way to shop. I stock up on things that our family WILL eat when they are at the most awesome price, that way we will have them around until they go on sale again. By using multiple coupons (see my side bar for multiple coupon offers) I am able to stock up on tons of food which allows enough for consumption AND food storage.

FYI: Manufacturers generally put products on sale once every three months and they usually put a coupon out about a month before the sale.

5 Happy Shoppers:

Megan and Jon said...

I thought for sure you got up at 12:01 to beat me to the electrosol. Under my breathe I thougth that Chantel and her helpful mother.. But not that I know it wasn't you I am disappointed and wish it were..
Did my Chantel get ahold of you, I have been pros·e·lyt·ing (probably spelt wrong) and think I have a new convert...

Mother Goose said...

this is amazing! Is there a place for coupons for dummies?? I have never done this type of shopping before but I am very interested!

if you need my private email address it is flyinhawaiian@bellsouth.net

I will check back on your blog again.

Shauntell said...

Megan, I knew you where probably swearing at me. I thought I would come clean to save you and a few others I know out there from unecessary (SP)spasims of anger. And for the record Albertson's doesn't open until 5 AM. What is your best week ever?

Care said...

What store did you shop at?

Shauntell said...

I am sorry I forgot to mention that I shopped at Albertson's for these deals. I used coupons and the store sale pricing.