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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sugar, Sugar

At a class last week a discussion was started about pantry staples on sale and if Grocerysmarts can help those who cook from scratch. One of the products mentioned was sugar. It was discussed if or even how using coupons or the website would help get a good a deal on such staples. Well, I was very pleased to see this great deal on sugar at Albertson's this week.

C&H granulated sugar 5 lb. on sale for $2.50 use this special to get the best price of $1.75, Save $3 instantly when you for every $10 you spend on participating items. Mix or Match.
then use this coupon: C&H Sugar product, 2 lbs. or larger .35/1 (10-31-08) RP-8/17
Your bottom line would then be $1.40 for 5 lbs.

If you had 5 coupons you then could buy 25 lbs. for $7!

I thought that was an awesome deal and worth mentioning. See you can use Grocerysmarts and coupons for more than just prepared foods!

Did you know that sugar is a necessary item for your long term food storage?
It is recommended that you store 39 lbs of granulated sugar per person in your household. Sugar will keep two or more years at room temperature. It's often used as a preservative, so it's no wonder that it lasts a long time. Store it in an airtight container to prevent it from hardening and clumping.

If you don't know what your family's long term needs are, I suggest you visit this awesome post from FoodStorageMadeEasy.net be sure to watch the video it is very helpful!

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