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Thursday, July 17, 2008

How I Organize My Coupons

I've gotten this question a lot lately. So for those of you who are wondering if I take hours cutting and filing coupons you would be sorely mistaken. When the Sunday paper comes I take the coupon books out write Sunday's date on the front and put them in a hanging file folder. That is it! You're now asking where will I know to find the coupons I want to use? That is where the Grocery Smarts website comes in. On the website when I choose the store I want to shop at a list will come up matching the store ad with the manufacturers coupons.

You will see something like this:

**** Tide 40 load $5.99 Tide 40 load or larger $1/1 $4.99
RP 4/15 (Expires 7/15)

The stars mean that it is an awesome price and that if I can stocking up on this item would be ideal. Five to Four stars are awesome, Three to Two are comparable to a good regular price.

The item from the store ad will be noted next.

The sale price is then listed.

Then the coupon description and where to find it listed. I have four hanging file folders labeled for each of the coupon book companies and for misc. coupons from magazines, the Internet, stores, mailings, etc..

RP= Red Plum
SS= Smart Source
PG= Procter and Gamble

The last column is for the end price with coupon and other applicable discounts.

On my shopping day I print out the shopping list from the website. I look at what is on sale and ask myself, "Does our family use this?" I write next to the item on the list the amount I intend on getting then I circle the coupon code if there is one. I can usually do this while the kids are eating or while I'm on the phone. Then I just grab the coupon books by date, from my hanging file folders, look for the coupon I need, cut them out, and put them in a page protector (like for reports or scrapbooking), "shopping sleeve", with my list, shove it in my purse and go shopping when it is convienent for me. You can see a PDF file that explains this by clicking here. I toss the old coupon books out when the date reaches five months. By then everything in them has expired. I am sorry if you are disappointed about the simplicity of the system. That is the point though, to make it easy and not take all my time. Don't we all have better things to do?

Hopefully this helps if you still have questions feel free to email me or comment on the post.

2 Happy Shoppers:

Megan and Jon said...

Lovin the new look, you blogger you. Thanks for all your work on figuring out movie tickets, after I read that you can get Visa cards I went back to the store and got more. So thanks for all your work..

Appreciate ya.

Jodi said...

Great tips as usual. Thanks for sharing!