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Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Okay so for the fun of it I thought I would share with you all the receipts from our shopping over that past 7 weeks. So here it goes:

WK 1: Spent $129.57 Saved $67.73 No coupons used, about 2 weeks after we learned about this site
WK 2: Spent $103.65 Saved $102.01
WK 3: Spent $104.33 Saved $185.83
WK 4: Spent $27.36 Saved $180.81 Used gifts cards (ask me how to get these)
WK 5: Spent $197.21 Saved $207.37 Bought 20+ lbs of meat for reunion, also got 4 movie tickets free!
WK 6: Spent $121.68 Saved $91.90
Awesome huh? We are still in the stocking up stage which takes 3-4 months. We are also shopping for a family of 7. Our storage room looks amazing. Russ and my dad commented that now there is finally something good to eat! They are also very kind to say that they are so proud of my mom and I for building the storage and saving money at the same time. See this really works. I would love to teach anyone who wants to know how to do this!

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