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Friday, May 30, 2008

Long Term Food Storage

I was looking at this weeks sales and noticed that Clorox Bleach 60 oz was on sale at Smith's. (click to go to list page, click on Smiths from the drop down.) Bleach is a great long term food storage item as it can be used for cleaning and water purification, although the later must be done carefully. One recommendation is 1 gallon of bleach per person in the family. 1 Gal=128 oz so what I have done is just used this equation to figure it out: (keep in mind I truly stink at math so if this doesn't make sense please post an easier way for all of us by commenting on this feed!)

# Family member's x 128 oz = total ounces needed divide that by 60 to get the total bottles to purchase.

1 Happy Shoppers:

Megan & Jon said...

What a great idea I never thought of stocking up on bleach.. Now I will .