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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Shopping for week 10

This week my mom, dad and I went shopping. We had fun. I think it was especially fun for my dad to what we are doing each week. I love the way it makes me feel to have him excited and so supportive. When you see all of this please remember we are family of 7 with 4 being adults and we are still in the stocking up phase. Also my parents do not have a limited income like most of us out there. I still think the savings are awesome even though the amount spent might be a little higher than what I would spend on my own.

Here is the run down:
Spent: $161.96
Saved: $176.74
Earned in store coupons for next purchase: $7.50

Typically we don't go to more than one store. This week however I didn't think that there where a whole lot of great things in just one store. I was surprised at what we finally purchased considering that when I printed the list I didn't see anything special this week.

Smiths: 12 ears of corn $3, 4 Dole fruit bowls @ $1.74, 4 Dole fruit parfait @ $1.24, 4 Hormel Compleats @ $1.24, 1 Sour Cream $1, 5 12 packs of Coke products $12, 2 Cheez-It crackers FREE Savings: $37.64

Albertsons: 4 Bertolli pasta sauce* @ $1.25, 4 Ken's salad dressing* FREE, 8 Pepperidge Farm Naturals crackers FREE, 4 Bush Baked Beans FREE, 1 2 Liter Sprite $1.50, 10 12 pack Pepsi products $24, Cinderella book*** FREE, 4 Zone protein bars FREE, Country Crock Side dish $3.99, 2 Hormel flavor crusted pork loin B1G1 @ $9.99, Bag of coleslaw $1.79, Deli Potato Salad** $12, Deli Sliced smoked turkey** $13.30, Deli Sliced ham $2.15, 2 24 pack Spring waters @ $2.99, Redbox Movie Rental FREE, Savings: 135.10

*used rain check from previous shopping, *** Had a coupon for $5 towards children's books, **Lesson learned this week. The sell was buy 1 lb Sara Lee deli meat get $1 off Deli salad. We should have had the meat separated into 1 lb bags because we only got 1-$1 off. Plus we bought way too much salad! Oh well with company this weekend we were able to eat it all up.

Macey's: 2 WF hamburger buns @ $.89, 2 WF Hot dog buns @ $.89, 1 Gal Skim milk $2.89, 10 Yoplait yogurt @5/$3, 2 lbs Cache Valley cheese loaf $7.99, 4 Sausage links and rolls @$.25, Cream Cheese $ .99, 2 Shredded Cheese @ $2, Cameo Apples $1.67, Banana's $1.86, 2 heads lettuce @ $1.49, Pineapple $5.60, grape tomatoes $2.99, Seedless watermelon $4.85

Savings: $4

2 Happy Shoppers:

Megan & Jon said...

This is so awesome, I need to do better. Let me know when you next class is I need to come and renew my paper subscription.

Shauntell said...

Megan. I can't do renewals but call me so I can make sure your getting the best deal out there!