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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Finally Time To Shop

I put off shopping last week until the very last moment. I took the kids and really it wasn't worth the wait. Here are a few deals I got. I really can't wait for tomorrow. I hope Albertsons will re-stock the GM cereals. I've been waiting for almost a month to redeem one of my rain checks. I really haven't had to wait as long on other things just the GM cereals. I may have to drive to Brigham City.

At Macey's:

4 Juicy Juice 8ct-$1 each w/coupon

6 lbs WF sweet cream butter 3/$5

Cameo Apples .99/lb

Banana .69/lb

Cauliflower .79/lb

Garlic 3/$1

Red Seedless Grapes $1.29/lb

4 Solo Heavy Duty Paper Plate 44 ct .29 each with coupon and Rain Check

Total $ 25.58

Saved $12

At Smith's

8 Powerade @ .50 each

2 Smuckers Ice Cream topping @ $2.79 each

5 Mt. Dairy Ice cream 56 oz @ $1 each

4 Go-Gurts @1.29 Each with coupon (I freeze these and the kids love them)

1 Gallon Skim milk $2

Total $19.01

Saved $15.67

The Ice Cream is my great buy for the week. Mainly because of the fact that Russ is having an Ice Cream Party for his soccer team and I was able to get it for so cheap right when I wanted it! Yee Haw!

2 Happy Shoppers:

Megan & Jon said...

Thank you for doing this each week. I check her often and I"m spreading the word.
I love that you get excited for new coupons to start. Wednesdays. I love em.

Shauntell said...

I love Wednesday too. Especially this Wednesday. The past 2 weeks have been kind of bummer really. But today rocks! FYI Albertsons is already out of Greased Lightening-Free and Bandaids with characters-Free so be sure to get rain checks! I am leaving right now to shop so I can get the best pick of stuff. I really can't wait because I shouldn't have to spend more than $50 and I am getting tons of stuff. Watch for the next post with pictures. Keep spreding the news Megan your awesome!