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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Rockin' Savings!

I am finally coming down from my excitement this morning! I don't usually go early but this morning was the only time me and my shopping partner, my mom, could go together so at 7:30 AM we ventured out. Our first stop today was Albertson's. I posted a preview of the sale yesterday explaining the details, go here if you haven't read it. Let me just say that if you do not plan on going to a movie before August 31st be wise as you decide what to buy, the bottom line prices on the list reflect the savings from the movie tickets! Also please check BEFORE you go shopping for a theater near you or in an area that you plan on visiting soon. You can check for locations here. Oh, and one more thing, the tickets are for ANY new release movie, not just Batman.

I am just going to post the total's and not take a picture because it would take me hours to stage a photo with the amount of stuff we bought today!

8 Toaster strudels
4 Betty Crocker Muffin mix
1 Albertson's sour cream
7 Betty Crocker Brownie Supreme mix
10 Bisquick Shake and Pour
16 Fruit Snack Variety
10 Nature Valley Granola Bars
3 Go-Gurts (I freeze these it makes a great on the go breakfast and is less messy frozen!)
2 Trix yogurt
4 Pop-Secret microwave popcorn
5 Minute Rice ready to serve
2 Chex mix
5 Betty Crocker Warm Delights (these are good for the bad days when you need something chocolate and know you will eat a whole pan of brownies yourself if your not careful!)
3 red peppers

Total Spent: $124.56
*Total Saved: $209.21
*includes $98 worth of movie tickets which is 7 vouchers with a conservative value of $14 a piece (7 vouchers with a maximum value of $25.50 would actually be a savings just in tickets of $178.50 which works out be $12.75 a ticket)

We got a voucher for 2 free movie tickets for every 10 items that we bought that where included in the sale. We did not have to go through the line in separate transactions.

-A tip on the tickets: You can purchase the tickets in advance not just for the day of. Once you choose a theater you can then select the day on the drop down menu.

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