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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

New Helpful Food Storage Site

Have you ever felt overwhelmed with food storage? Are you afraid to start or don't know where to start? Have you felt that food storage is only for the "Big One" and that is a long way away?

I have felt these things at times too and let me just say that having a food storage brings so much peace and comfort. I know because I have had to use my food storage to feed my family three times in the last 4 years. I know the peace that comes when my children are hungry and all I have to so is go to the basement and pick something out to feed them with. I have seen other's struggle and suffer because a lack of food storage. Please start today even if you only budge $10 a month you will certainly be blessed as you set your intention and move forward!

Few......I will step down from the box now and let you know of a great website that just launched today. It was developed by two young moms trying to build their food storage using baby steps. To check it out go to http://foodstoragemadeeasy.net/ Check out the side bar for more helpful food storage websites.

2 Happy Shoppers:

Jodi said...

Thanks for adding our site! And I love your Food Storage Sites section on the side. You have some great information on there. Can't wait to see your grocery posts this week :)

Megan & Jon said...

I'm about to go check it out, Thanks for sharing. I'm always looking for ideas of little things I can do.
I feel like food storage is such a blessing if not for a major disaster but for the little things that pop up and we need alittle extra help.